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How to brand yourself for success

A woman with long brown hair sits at a wooden table, smiling and holding a black tablet in her hand. She is wearing a grey sweater, and the background features a dark, textured wall. The atmosphere appears to be relaxed and cheerful—perfect for discussing women in business.

BLOG How to brand yourself for success Who are you? What do you represent? What do you stand for? The answer to these questions is part of your personal brand.  Why personal branding is important Your personal brand is your skills, experience and personality. It includes your background, your heritage and reflects your behaviour and […]

Passion for driving change – Jillian Kilby

A woman with long wavy hair smiles brightly while standing in a sunlit field of tall, dry grass. An inspiring symbol for women in business, she is wearing a light jacket and dark pants, holding a light gray hat in front of her. The clear sky and sunset horizon serve as a backdrop to her entrepreneurial spirit.

BLOG Passion for driving change – Jillian Kilby Jessica Tancred from Accelerator for Enterprising Women interviews Jillian Kilby – Founder of The Exchange and Managing Director at The Stable Group. Tune in as they discuss Jillian’s professional journey that has taken her from country NSW to Sydney and Silicone Valley and back again.  Jillian Kilby […]