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A banner with the text "SECRETS OF A SELF-STARTER" in bold turquoise font against a beige background. Below it, there's a logo that reads "ACCELERATOR FOR ENTERPRISING WOMEN" with a colorful emblem on the left, emphasizing innovative business ideas for women entrepreneurs.

You can undeniably learn a lot from a mentoring session. But how do you get access to some of the best thought leaders? The Secrets of a Self-Starter podcast that does exactly that. 

In this podcast, the Accelerator for Enterprising Women takes you behind the closed doors of mentoring sessions with inspirational self-starters like Sarah Davidson, Laura Henshaw, Hugh van Cuylenburg and more. Host Mim Rizvi facilitates conversations between these top performers and participants from the Accelerator for Enterprising Women Kickstarter Challenge. Be a fly on the wall and be inspired to turn your passion into a profession with real advice from real self-starters from a range of industries.


A smiling person with short dark hair and a beard is wearing a light pink shirt. The background is yellow on the right side with text reading "SECRETS OF A SELF-STARTER" in black capital letters; perfect for those interested in starting a business. The bottom has a blue border with teal dots and an orange stripe.

Secrets of a Self-starter: Season 2, Episode 5 with Doug English.

Doug English joins the podcast and alongside host Mim Rizvi, Doug discusses with Alex Cannizzaro, the Founder of Platform Zero, where startups should channel their energy and why out-executing your competition is the golden-ticket to longevity.



A minimalistic design featuring a cream-colored wavy background with a small teal flower pot containing two red leaves on the right side, embodying the elegance and simplicity often cherished by female entrepreneurs starting a business.