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Protecting your IP

You’ve built an amazing business and won over your customers. So, what happens if a competitor decides to trade under your name, or starts using your ideas?

Intellectual property (IP) is an idea or invention that you create, like a trade name, logo, design or brand.  There are different types or categories of IP, so to protect your IP, you’ll need to identify what category it falls under.

In this toolkit, we’ll cover the most common types of IP, including trade marks, copyright, patents and design rights. 

Marianne Marchesi

Marianne Marchesi is the Founder and Managing Principal of Legalite – a multi-award-winning commercial law firm committed to delivering Simplified and Strategic Advice. 

As an advisor to some of Australia’s most well-known brands, her expertise encompasses corporate and commercial law, intellectual property and franchising. More than just a technical advisor, she is focussed on providing forward-thinking and innovative advice.

This toolkit contains:

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