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How founders can avoid financial stress & create better businesses

At the age of 10, Lacey Filipich began saving half of every dollar she earnt. 

By 19 she had bought her first property, and a further two more by the time she turned 23. 

As an engineer working in mining, the West Australian began trading shares, and by 31 she earned enough income from her assets to retire. 

But she didn’t. 

Instead, she dedicates her time to educating thousands of people about the concept of FIRE, or Financially Independent Retire Early. 

How does FIRE work? 

“Basically you stop spending so much on stuff. You take the money you would have spent on stuff and you save it. And once you’ve saved it, you then buy assets with it. Assets are things that pay you, things like shares, bonds, index funds,” she revealed in a TED talk which has now clocked up more than 880,000 views. 

A woman with long brown hair is seated and focused on her laptop, embodying the spirit of women in business. She's wearing a gray blazer over a white top against a solid orange wall backdrop. This scene captures the essence of female businesses making strides in today's professional world.