Are you lacking the confidence to pitch your business idea?

Step into Archer’s Lab, a safe and immersive virtual reality learning environment designed to build confidence in female entrepreneurs.

Evidence shows people learn 4x faster in a VR environment. With over 23 million jobs depending on VR by 2030, this is your chance to get ahead of the game.

Developed by the Accelerator for Enterprising Women, Archer’s Lab includes a variety of activities to help you become ‘pitch perfect’:

Did you know

CoWorking Space Icon

Co-working Space

Meet your host, create your avatar and get prepped with the Pitch Perfect video series

Elevator Pitch Icon

Elevator Pitch

Come face-to-face with an investor and pitch your business idea in 15 or 30 seconds (in a virtual elevator!)

Pitch Room Icon

Pitch Room

Pitch to a panel of four experts ‘Shark Tank’ style – get ready for their questions
Perspective shift icon

Perspective Shift

Watch and listen to your pitch, tick off the pitch essentials you successfully included

Archer’s Lab was named in honour of Mary Ellinor Archer, an innovative trailblazer and the first female scientist and chief librarian at the CSIRO. She was also the first president of the Australian Institute of Librarians. We see a strong connection between Archer’s passion for science, female education and the sharing of knowledge and are excited to continue her legacy. Check out the video below to learn even more about Archer’s Lab.

The Accelerator for Enterprising Women will be rolling out Archer’s Lab through facilitated workshops (up to 10 participants) at educational institutions, start-up and innovation hubs and entrepreneurial organisations.

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