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A woman with long hair and a bright smile is wearing a beige blazer over a white top. She stands against a background featuring large blue "W" letters and various graphic elements like dots and circular patterns, embodying the spirit of business ideas for women entrepreneurs starting a business.

Join us in 2024!

Our Female Founder Festivals are back in 2024 with even more exciting workshops and incredible guests. We invite you and your brilliance to celebrate female innovation, creativity and prowess. Whether you’re just starting out, well on your way or simply curious, Female Founder Festivals are your chance to be inspired, learn, and grow your business idea. Build real connections with mentors and women who have walked the path before you and leave feeling energised and ready to take that next step.

Ready to take your business
to the next level?

Then join us at a Female Founder Festival in 2024! We have events planned all over Australia and even one online, so find one near you and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

What to expect:

Interactive workshops to build your entrepreneurial skillset

Panel discussion with inspiring female-founders sharing their journeys and insights

Networking opportunities with like-minded women

Valued at $250 per ticket, this event is FREE, with literally no catch – but numbers are limited so book your ticket today

A woman with long blonde hair and bright red lipstick is sitting on a sofa. She is wearing an off-the-shoulder white blouse and dark jeans. Behind her, there is a yellow cushion and a curtain with yellow and white stripes, setting the perfect backdrop for discussing business ideas for women entrepreneurs.
A geometric pattern composed of four triangles arranged in a square. The triangles alternate between light blue and teal, reflecting the dynamic energy of women in business. The upper left and lower right triangles are light blue, while the upper right and lower left triangles are teal.
Caitlin Judd

Meet Caitlin, your festival host

The fabulous Caitlin Judd will be hosting all the Female Founder Festivals

Caitlin is the co-founder of lady-brains, a platform dedicated to helping early-stage founders and their businesses grow, so they can live more fulfilling, meaningful and sustainable lives. In addition to hosting all the Female Founder Festivals, Caitlin will be facilitating the panel discussions AND delivering exclusive lady-brains x Enterprising Women workshops. Listen to Caitlin in action on the lady-brains podcast! Or check out her Instagram.

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A minimalist design features a beige background with a wavy black and beige section dividing the image horizontally. On the right, a stylized blue pot with two red leaves symbolizes growth and creativity, perfect for inspiring business ideas for women in business.