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A collage of three diverse women – a young woman in a light blue jacket, a woman wearing a hijab, and an older woman in a yellow sweater – is featured against a colorful geometric background with the text "IT'S YOUR TURN" to explore business ideas for women.
A diverse group of three women in business stands against a colorful background with geometric shapes. The central text reads "It's Your Turn" in large blue and yellow letters. The women are smiling and wearing different styles of clothing, embodying the spirit of starting a business with innovative ideas.
Image features three women, each in a separate frame, around the text "IT'S YOUR TURN" in bold, colorful letters. Background includes various geometric shapes in blue, yellow, red, and teal. The women appear confident with friendly expressions—perfect for promoting business ideas for women.

Be inspired by incredible founders’ insights and advice.

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Check out some of the latest insights and tips for navigating your business journey.

Fast-track your business idea with the chance to share in $60,000.


A stylized graphic of two wavy lines, one blue on top and one yellow on the bottom, intersecting and creating a wave pattern. The curves of the lines mirror each other, forming a symmetrical, flowing design that symbolizes the journey of starting a business with harmonious balance.
A diverse group of six women, smiling, stands in a row. Dressed in colorful and stylish outfits against a backdrop of a brick wall with decorative shapes in orange, blue, and red, they exude confidence and creativity—perfect inspirations for business ideas for women. A green plant is visible on the far left.
A colorful abstract design featuring various geometric shapes on a black background. On the left, white concentric circles partially covered by a dark blue shape. On the right, a mix of shapes including triangles, circles, semi-circles, hexagons, and rectangles—an inspiring piece for women in business.

What is

Enterprising ME exists to unlock the untapped entrepreneurial potential of women – providing the skills, resources and confidence women need to become Australia’s next entrepreneurs.

It is a place for women of all stages of life, with one thing in common – a desire to create and grow a career in entrepreneurship and bring your business ideas to life. It is a space for community and inspiration – whether you have a big idea or are looking for a spark – whether you’re already on your journey or merely at the dreaming stage of starting a business.

It’s your turn to focus on you, your ideas and everything they can be.

The untapped potential of entrepreneurial women

This national research report explores the enterprising mindset of women in their 40s and 50s, proving that these women have many ideas for new businesses, services and products, but too few of these ideas materialise into starting a business.

A person with long gray hair tied in a low braid stands with hands on hips, facing a wall filled with business ideas for women written on various papers and sticky notes. They are wearing an orange shirt. The image is overlaid with abstract geometric shapes in blue, yellow, and turquoise.
An abstract representation of an eye. The eye's sclera is depicted in pink, the iris is dark blue, and a small yellow circle within the iris resembles a pupil. This simplistic illustration, much like female businesses that thrive on unique ideas, lacks detailed features but speaks volumes in its elegance.

Enterprising journeys

From the inner city suburbs of Melbourne, to small rural towns like Warren, NSW, women all over Australia are turning business ideas and passion projects into meaningful ventures. Draw inspiration from some of these incredible journeys to success, as these women in business share their experiences, their best advice and the lived experiences that paved their path to entrepreneurship.

A simple, flat design icon of an orange light bulb on a white background. The light bulb, symbolizing innovation and ideas often associated with starting a business, has a solid orange body with a slightly wider base in a lighter shade, representing the screw cap. The design is minimalistic with no details or text.

The latest insights

The journey to starting your own business can be a pretty steep learning curve, full of twists and turns. Check in with some of the latest advice, insights and strategies for navigating the trickiest of challenges.

Enterprising ME is a platform of inspiration, resources, and community for female entrepreneurs and women with business ideas to get started on their entrepreneurial journey.