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Passion for driving change - Jillian Kilby

Jessica Tancred from Accelerator for Enterprising Women interviews Jillian Kilby – Founder of The Exchange and Managing Director at The Stable Group. Tune in as they discuss Jillian’s professional journey that has taken her from country NSW to Sydney and Silicone Valley and back again. 

Jillian Kilby

The Exchange chief executive officer and founder Jillian Kilby approaches life optimistically with the logical thinking of a civil engineer, the roll-up-your-sleeves attitude of a farmer’s daughter from Coonamble and an altruistic passion for driving change.

“Engineering is not a career just for regional people. It’s not just for city people. Engineering speaks every language and being an engineer puts you in high demand to solve problems.” – Jillian Kilby

She says a quote a crane driver once told her has always stuck with her and is something she often reflects on: “If you don’t change direction, you’ll end up where you’re going.

It was a pleasure speaking with Jillian Kilby, who so generously shared her pearls of wisdom.

Listen to the full webinar below.

A person with long, wavy hair stands in a field of tall, dry grass, smiling warmly at the camera. They are wearing a light-colored jacket and dark jeans, holding a gray hat in their hands. The sun is setting in the background, casting a golden glow perfect for an entrepreneur brimming with business ideas for women.