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PR or public relations is one of the most poorly understood industries! Which is hilarious, once you realise what our jobs are.

PR is all about building your visibility. Helping you become known and trusted by your ideal customers…and we all need this.

It is often a hidden lever that many of the household, well known brands that you know and love use, often! This toolkit will give you the confidence to understand how PR works, but importantly, know how to use it to your advantage to grow and scale your impact in your business.

Odette Barry

Odette Barry is a headline-winning PR mentor, who designed and teaches the popular Hack Your Own PR and Authority Brand programs. She specialises in elevating the visibility, reputation and leads for change makers. Odette has been featured in The Financial Review, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Mamamia, and Mark Bouris’ The Mentor to name a few.

This toolkit contains:

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