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Changing paths? You’re not alone

Changing jobs is one of the 20 most stressful things you can do, ranking behind the death of a close friend according to the respected Holmes and Rahe stress scale. But what if that stress was transformed into powerful, positive, life-changing energy?

Why culture is important now more than ever

While stepping outside your comfort zone can be – well, uncomfortable – changing careers can be one of the most empowering, fulfilling, inspiring steps you take, opening up a whole new chapter of your life. Consider the inspirational success stories of some of the businesswomen who have shared their stories with Enterprising ME: Leonie Sanderson or Jane Marx for example.

How to know it’s time for a career change

There are plenty of tell-tale signs you’re no longer happy in your job but how do you know the difference between what might just be Sunday-itis and when it’s really time to take the plunge, as scary as that might seem?
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Here are a few examples of when you’ll know it’s time for a change:


Here are a few examples of when you’ll know it’s time for a change:

If you’ve been in a job or role too long, or have outgrown it, you may feel you’re no longer being challenged, which can cause you to lose motivation


You're not valued in your workplace

Feeling undervalued by your boss or colleagues is demotivating and not a healthy way to spend your working days. If allowed to continue for long enough it could ultimately cause mental and physical stress


Your body is telling you enough is enough

It’s one thing not to be leaping out of bed on a Monday morning but if your job is starting to affect the way you’re feeling it’s definitely time for a change. Fatigue, an inability to concentrate or headaches can all be tell-tale signs.


You gradually lose your self-esteem

If you are dissatisfied in your career long enough and not getting the support, acknowledgement and encouragement you deserve, it can lead to you questioning whether you’re the problem. You’re not, but it’s definitely a trigger to make the jump!

What to consider when starting your own business


You may be one of the many women increasingly looking to entrepreneurship as an attractive career option. Our recent national research paper, The Untapped Potential of Entrepreneurial Women, found multiple reasons to start your own business, but before you head down this path make sure you’re driven by the right ones.

Feeling restless in your current job or simply being a ‘grass is greener’ type person aren’t strong enough reasons. Changing jobs and setting out on your own just to get out of your current situation can be disruptive, even costly and may leave you worse off than when you began.

When looking for business opportunities consider your strengths, what you have to offer, your non-negotiables and – crucially – what makes you happy. While money is obviously essential for living, it won’t bring you job satisfaction if you’re doing something you don’t enjoy.

Starting your own business can be costly, particularly initially, but the rewards of being your own boss often outweigh the negatives when you get it right. When you’re ready, a business strategist like Michelle Broadbent can help keep you on track or point you in the right direction.

Personal growth

While leaving the familiar and comfortable can feel intimidating, the benefits of exploring something that inspires you far outweigh the negatives. You will learn new skills and tools, learn to network and make new connections, challenging yourself and often leading to a greater sense of self-worth. And who doesn’t want that in life?

Want to know more?

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Jobs Academy is a free, year-long virtual program supported by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Office for Women. Designed for women over 40 looking to change careers or return to the workforce, it offers mentoring and coaching, learning and development opportunities and job fairs among many other perks.

As women in business, managing our energy effectively is essential for success and overall well-being. By implementing the above strategies, you will be on your way to not only protecting but elevating your personal energy.

Jessica Ritchie

Jessica Ritchie is the founder of Transformational Brand Lab, an award-winning Brand & Marketing Expert, Speaker, Business Mentor, and a six-time international award-winning best-selling author. Over the course of 17 years, she has collaborated with Australia’s leading brands, assisting organisations, leaders, and teams in making their mark in the world, sparking change, and igniting their true potential. Her expertise and guidance empower individuals and businesses to leave the legacy they deserve, personally and professionally.

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