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Enterprising ME and the Accelerator for Enterprising Women are national initiatives designed to support and empower women aged 18+ to create self-made career paths in entrepreneurship. The programs are funded under the Australian Government’s Women’s Leadership and Development Program, and have been developed in partnership between the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia (COSBOA) and 89 Degrees East.

Enterprising ME is designed to inspire women of all stages of life to become self-employed entrepreneurs by providing a platform of inspiration, resources and community. Enterprising ME exists to inspire more women to develop their business ideas and take the leap into turning their idea into reality, closing the entrepreneur gap.

The Accelerator for Enterprising Women is an important pillar of the Enterprising ME program, on a mission to accelerate change in women’s lives. The key program offerings are aimed at empowering and supporting female entrepreneurs ready to take the leap, to achieve success. Through events, workshops and the Kickstarter Challenge, the Accelerator for Enterprising Women provides a pathway from thought to reality.

Two people sit outside on a sunny day. One wears a white shirt and holds a notebook while laughing. The other, an entrepreneur in a yellow headscarf, holds a laptop, smiling. A stylized logo featuring a red and blue plant icon is in the lower-left corner.

Did You Know

A minimalist, red logo features an abstract depiction of a lobster, formed by simple lines and shapes. The design emphasizes clean, modern aesthetics with an emphasis on symmetry and balance—perfect for female businesses looking to incorporate elegance and professionalism in their branding.
For every 1 female entrepreneur in Australia, there are 1.8 male entrepreneurs
A red light bulb icon with a dollar sign in the center and small lines radiating outward from the top, symbolizing an entrepreneurial idea for women in business.
Australia could be missing out on a $400B opportunity due to the underrepresentation of women in entrepreneurship
A pie chart divided into two sections. The larger section, taking up 63% of the chart, is colored red and has "63%" written in white text within it. The smaller section is colored dark blue, highlighting the growing share of women in business.
63% of women 40-59 yrs find the idea of running a business appealing
A pie chart illustrating 68% in an orange segment and the remaining 32% in a dark blue segment, reflecting the growing presence of women in business.
68% of women 18-24 yrs see themselves running a business

Our Research

COSBOA and 89 Degrees East regularly collaborate on research into entrepreneurship amongst women and the positive impact programs like this one can have on outcomes for women.  

Opportunities For Involvement

Thank you to all our partners who have been so generous with their support. By working together and creating an industry alliance, we are helping to ensure that Australia’s next generation of female entrepreneurs have the skills to run their own businesses and transform the industries in which they operate.

The program is funded and supported by the Australian Government and has been co-designed with industry partners, education providers and Enterprising Women themselves. As the central provider, 89 Degrees East, on behalf of the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia (COSBOA), seeks to continue building an industry alliance by developing relationships with interested businesses. If you would like to be involved in Enterprising ME or Accelerator for Enterprising Women programs, please contact us.