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A woman with long hair and a bright smile is wearing a beige blazer over a white top. She stands against a background featuring large blue "W" letters and various graphic elements like dots and circular patterns, embodying the spirit of business ideas for women entrepreneurs starting a business.


27 March 2024

A graphic design featuring two wavy lines horizontally aligned, perfect for promoting women in business. The top line is red, while the bottom line is yellow. The lines mirror each other, creating a parallel wavy pattern. The background is transparent for versatile use in female businesses' branding.

The Accelerator for Enterprising Women X Lady-Brains are here to help you take your business idea to the next level.

The Female Founder Festival is the best place to start with that great idea you’ve got – crush your doubts and transform your business idea into a thriving venture with our expert guidance and support.

Illustration of a stylized eye with a pink outline, dark blue pupil, and a small yellow circle positioned near the center of the pupil. The design is minimalistic and abstract, symbolizing vision and clarity—ideal for branding female businesses or business ideas for women.

Turn your passion into your profession!

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Festival host

Panel host and Workshop #1 - Founder Mindset

Hosted by the enthusiastic Caitlin Judd, co-founder of lady-brains, she and her mastermind is dedicated to helping early-stage founders like you grow your business. You’ll learn to find the courage, confidence & grit to win.

Caitlin Judd

A geometric pattern featuring four triangles arranged in a pinwheel formation, each with a turquoise and light blue alternating color scheme. Reminiscent of the dynamic energy found in female businesses, this design creates a vibrant and symmetrical visual effect perfect for women in business.

Workshop host

Workshop #2 Brand and Storytelling

Tegan is an experienced digital business strategist and leading social researcher specialising in understanding women and the digital landscape through a female lens. 

Tegan Gilchrist

A blue circle overlaps with an orange-striped semicircle on a dark blue background. The orange stripes are diagonal and partially cover the blue circle, creating a visually striking contrast reminiscent of the dynamic interplay found in women in business ventures.


What to expect

Each Female Founder Festival will feature a jam-packed agenda, filled with exciting content, conversation and plenty of opportunities to meet like-minded women and build your entrepreneurial network. You can expect: