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Starting a business can be overwhelming and finding the right information even more so. The Enterprising ME toolkits are designed to give you a starting point – an introduction to the building blocks of entrepreneurship to help get you on your way. Download one, or download all, these toolkits are full of practical tips and resources to start you on the path to confidently navigating your way through those areas that might feel the most daunting.

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Ideation & Validation

Searching for that winning business idea to propel you down the founder path? Or maybe you have a whole journal full of ideas that you need to narrow down? Explore some of the most important practical considerations when deciding whether to take your idea forward, and how to protect yourself in the process. 

Business Strategy

Even the wildest ideas need a solid foundation to have the best chance to succeed. Unravel the basic steps to nailing the structure of your business and navigating those early days, whilst being savvy about the legal jargon you’ll need to safeguard your business down the track. 

Managing Money

Whether you love it or hate it, managing money can be terrifying – making it, finding more of it, making sure it doesn’t run out – these tools and tricks can make it a little less scary and set your business on the path to a sustainable future. 

Brand & Marketing

So you’ve nailed the idea – now to make sure you can communicate that idea to your chosen audience. Building a strong brand and getting your product or service into the hands of the right people is a crucial part of your success as a founder.  Establish the basics and then let your creative side run wild.